Queer spaces and media intended to represent queer folk are often fraught with overwhelming whiteness, unhealthy body standards, limiting notions of gender, and other problematic constructions. As such, Queer Media Magazine (QMM) attempts to feature content from queer contributors, and cover queer matters that will appropriately represent all queer people. This will be achieved through lending a voice to queer individuals by offering QMM as a platform in which their work may be featured. Furthermore, QMM is currently collecting, and will continue to collect, content that is founded on the morals of inclusivity and responsible representation. The cornerstone of this mandate is met at the intersections of body positivity, sexual and racial diversity, and gender fluidity.

Themes of diversity, inclusivity, and responsible representation are pertinent to the success of QMM as it will host a wide array of content. Essentially, whatever creative work can be digitized may be featured on the website. Thus far, QMM has collected short stories, essays, photo series, and poems, all of which are created by queer artists and writers through a queer lens. The purpose of hosting diverse content from diverse contributors is to allow consumers to see themselves in the featured media. My intention is that this will allow for the existence of a true queer space to thrive, one that resists homogenization, violence, and unproductive, negative representation.

My intention in building QMM is to create a space that will act as respite for queer folk from the often inapplicable, yet inescapable media world. I am building this project in order to push beyond the current media landscape, and create a space were all queer people feel welcomed, and represented. QMM will be a space where bodies are not shamed, where people of colour are represented, and where sexualities and genders are fluid. In essence, I hope that QMM will become a digital, queer utopia.

If you would like to contribute to this project please contact us below.