“Antiquated notions of masculinity thrive within pervasive microagressions, expressed so nonchalantly that they often go unquestioned. What a major injustice to males, reducing complex beings to a caricature and forcing them to be contrary to what is natural. What a major injustice to all others affected in the resultant domino effect upon which misogynist policy, behavior, and institutions are built. There is nothing more badass than embracing who you truly are, in the face of a fundamentally unhealthy culture that desperately needs to be cured of its inequity.”      – Amy Ling H.

Amy Ling H. is a creator based in Los Angeles. Her current work mainly focuses on otherness, gender, and the dismantling of social divisions. She is interested in the beauty of fragility, the gravity of words left unsaid, and the things that make us ache.

Her ongoing series, SUBTLE BODY, shares LGBTQ+ narratives through photo and video. It can be found on Instagram @subtlebodyseries.  Her other photography and work in various mediums can be found at strangefrenzy.com and on Instagram @strangefrenzy.